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maybe she's pretty & fake...

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

...:::...All things pretty!...:::...
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This community is for those interested and/or obsessed with make-up, hair and beauty.

Is this your god?

Then this community is perfect for you. =D

Here you can ask questions, post your pictures, post purchases, and all other things to do with beauty. There is basically one big rule in this community, don't post ugly things. If you found a new eyeshadow that you think people should see or purchase..post it. If you think that you look really pretty one day and want to post it...go right ahead. If you have a question about something..post that too. But if you saw a dead puppy in the road..I think this is pretty obvious but..don't post it.


The other little rules are as follows:

1) Absolutely no nudity, even if your naked body is pretty.
2) You have to post atleast 3 times before you can be added as a member.
3) Posting pictures is necessary!
4) Keep rude comments to yourself. You can bash each other in another community.
5) You have to be approved by all of the maintainers before you are a member and can post more than 3 times. You will recieve comments of either "Yes, I like your posts and pictures!" or "No, try another community!" from members and maintainers.

That's all, it's not that hard. :)

The good stuff! ;)
1) Once you are a member you can vote on whether other people can become a member.
2) Get beauty advice and show off new looks or purchases.
3) Finally you'll have a place where other people are just as obsessed with the mirror as you are. ;)